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Hi everyone!




NY州立大学FIT ( Fashion Institute of Technology )でFashion Merchandising Management 科を卒業後、NYのセレクトショップでバイヤーとして経験を積み、2010年にTWILL NYC, INC. を設立。オンラインセレクトショップ twillnyc.comを立ち上げました。



Hi everyone! I’m Ayako. Welcome to my blog.

I spent a few days thinking about how to write my first blog and trying to organize my thoughts around how it should read, whether or not I should write it in Japanese or English only, if I wrote it both in English and Japanese whether or not I should place the Japanese post before the English post and so on.  Then I thought, this is a blog – you are supposed to just write what comes to your mind with very little to no editing.  I hope I am right (or not wrong).  So here it goes….

If my name disguised my background, I am Japanese☆. I live in New York City with my lovely husband Sam from Ethiopia.  I was born and raised in Tokyo until I finished college.  After working for a couple of years at a fashion company in Tokyo, I moved to New York City to pursue my dream of having a career in fashion and some day running my own boutique.

After polishing up my English for a few months (it is still very much a work in progress), I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC to get another college degree, this time in fashion merchandising.  After graduation, I worked at a couple of Japanese companies before finally getting my break – a job as an assistant buyer/sales person at a small downtown boutique in NYC.  It was more sales person than buying/merchandising in the beginning but I grew into the position of a buyer within a few years, learning a lot about the business along the way.

After another job at a different boutique, I decided to quit working full-time and focus on taking the next step towards fulfilling my dream of running my own boutique.  It was an exciting but also a terrifying decision knowing that life in NYC is really expensive, especially if you want to live here and raise children as both my husband and I wish to do. In any event, I spent much of the earlier part of 2010 working part-time and spending all of my available time working on setting up my company. I finally launched my online boutique in the fall of 2010.  The day I launched the website ranks up there with one of the happiest days of my life.

While my ultimate dream is to run a physical boutique in NYC or Tokyo (or both ☆) carrying everything from jewelry to clothing, for now, I hope to share with you the latest trends (the way I see it) and great designs in accessories followed by some clothing later in the spring. Some of the designers whose lines I will feature on will be from NYC and be familiar to many while others will be the independent and hard-to-find type that I hope to introduce to your wardrobe.

That’s it for the first blog but please keep checking back in and leave me comments whenever possible.  Every week or so I will share my thoughts through pictures, videos and shorter posts (I hope) on the latest around anything fashion from NYC and elsewhere and bits about my personal life….


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